Partial List of 20th & 21st Century Repertoire

*indicates premiere performance


Solo Guitar Works

Eve BeglarianUntil it Blazes

Luciano BerioSequenza XI

Naithan Bosse Fractured Fractal*

Benjamin BrittenNocturnal, op. 70

Leo Brouwer

  • El Decameron Negro
  • Hika 

Elliott CarterChanges

Carlos ChávezThree Pieces for Guitar

Craig DayMount Pleasant Suite*

Nimus DilassoSix Point Two* 

Scott Edward Godin gwan

Matthew Reid Horrigangourd motor mindscape

Alex Jang

  •  Secco*
  •  a gray, bent interior horizon

Nicole LizéeModern Hearts

Diego Lozano

  • Hollow*
  •  Cáscara for guitar and tape*

Julia Mermelstein – Fear of Falling (into the unknown)  

Tristan MurailVampyr! 

Dubravko PajalicPreludes* 

Steve ReichElectric Counterpoint

Giacinto ScelsiKo Tha, Three Dances of Shiva

Rodney Sharman

  •  In a Room
  •  For Guitar*

John Mark Sherlock Musiquita*

Toru TakemitsuAll in Twilight

Michael Trew Meditations I* 


Works for Three Guitars

John Gordon ArmstrongFlight* 

Anthony GengeStreams I

Scott Edward Godin

  •  On Poetics*
  •  Inside the Theodosian Walls*

Lou HarrisonElegy for Harpo Marx

Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) arr. Verdejo 

  •  Avril 14th* 
  •  aisatsana [102] 
  • Alberto Balsalm  

Jordan Nobles

  •  Temporal Waves*
  •  Concentric Rings*

John Oliver Our City Square

Astor Piazzolla 

  • La Muerte del Angel arr. Verdejo
  • L’Evasion arr. G. Tremendo

Benton RoarkMystic Veil*

Patrick RouxCarnaval

Rodney Sharman

  • September for Morton Feldman
  • Suspended Waltz* arr. Michael Dias
  • The Black Domino 

John Mark SherlockMusiquita*

John WeinzweigConversations 

rd wraggett

  • The Nagual’s Dream* 
  • Yesterday’s Canon* 


Works for Viola and Guitar

Murray Adaskin – Duo

John Gordon Armstrong  – Incantations

Tim Brady – Frame 4: Still 

John Cage – Dream* arr. Verdejo

Aris Carastathis – Encounters*

Wolf Edwards – Cluster Bomb Unit *

David A. Jaffe  – Three Musicians (after the Picasso paintings)

Jan Järvlepp

  • Street Scene
  • Moonscape

Érik Marchelie – Eclipse

Arvo Pärt     

  • Spiegel im Spiegel*  arr. Verdejo
  • Fratres arr. Verdejo

Denis Poliquin  – Ballade

Eric Schwartz  Thrash

Elliot Vaughan – prick


Works for Flute and Guitar

Astor Piazzolla – Histoire du Tango for flute and guitar

Ravi Shankar – L’Aube Enchantée for flute and guitar

Kaija Saariaho –Adjö for soprano, flute and guitar

Toru TakemitsuToward the Sea for alto flute and guitar

Anthony GengeNight Rain for alto flute and guitar

David LeisnerTrittico for flute, cello, and guitar

Vivian FineCanciones y Danzas  for flute, cello, and guitar

Ignacio Baca-LoberaDúo for flute and guitar


Works for Voice and Guitar

Steven BotelA Dark Place* for tenor and guitar

Dominick Argento –  Letters from Composers for voice and guitar

Elliott Carter – Tell Me Where Is Fancy Bred for voice and guitar

Catherine LaubA Sonnet to Orpheus III* for tenor, guitar, and flute

Alvaro Rojas In Darkness Let Me Dwell* for tenor and two electric guitars

Rodney SharmanShe Walks in Beauty* for soprano and guitar

Manuel de Falla –  Siete canciones populares españolas for voice and guitar

Ariel Ramírez – Misa Criolla for SATB, guitar, charango, and traditional instruments

Mario Castelnuovo-TedescoRomancero Gitano, Op. 152- for SATB and guitar


Various Small Ensemble Works

John Cage – In a Landscape for two guitars arr. Verdejo

Steve ReichNagoya Guitars for two guitars

John OliverPrismophony for guitar quartet

Celso Machado –  Danças Populares Brasileiras for guitar quartet

Jacob TV – Jesus is Coming  for guitar quartet arr. Alexander Dunn

Stephen GossUnder Milk Wood Variations for guitar quartet and narrator

Matt KaufholdCanyon Epitaph for trombone, flute and guitar

Radamés GnattaliSonata for cello and guitar

Alfredo Santa AnaA Short Song for the Longest Night of the Year for 2 voices, piano, violin, electric guitar

Joaquín Mendoza Sebastián – …if you don’t pick up the phone… the phone will pick up you…*  for electric guitar and small ensemble

Lloyd BurrittFor the One I Love for SATB, oboe, guitar, string bass, violin, piano

Remy Siu – Difference* for violin & guitar

John OliverHommage à Bruce Mather* for Harp and Guitar

Elizabeth Knudson – Anatomy of a Spanish Garden* for mandolin and guitar

Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) – Rhubarb for flute, cello, double bass, viola, guitar arr. Verdejo

Nicole LizéeSolstice Noir* for piano, guitar, violin and voices

Michael Finnissy – Casual Nudity for bass flute, double bass, piano, vibraphone and guitar

John MutterElephant Stamps for saxophone,flute, violin, cello, piano, electric guitar


Various Large Ensemble Works

Kurt Weill – The Threepenny Opera – (guitar and banjo)

George Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue (banjo)

Terry Riley – In C

Moshe Denburg – Ani Ma-amin